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best boat to sell on

Can anyone tell me what is the most popular of the three to be sold a trad a semi trad or a cruiser all being brand new 57ft long and do the prices vary a lot, thankyou

Asked by: andy wakler  | 10.05pm, Saturday 5 May

WW says:

Twenty years ago, the answer would have been traditional stern, with semi-trad probably coming second. Now cruiser sterns have become popular again, especially with multi-user boats
As long as you don't have anything unusual in your design, then any of those will sell, as long as the boat has been well-maintained, though trad style sterns may well be now the least popular option.
More important is the quality of the shell- not just the stelework but also how shapely it is- a vaguely pointed floating brick will never command as good a return on the investment, as a shapely, fine swimmed shell from a good boatbuilder.
As for cost- the difference is from £500 to £1500 between a cruiser and semi-trad or trad stern, again depending on the builder. The most important decision is what suits you best!

Mark Langley  | 1.27PM, Sunday 6 May

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