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what size make model inverter would be suitable for a 57ft liverboard, it will have onboard washing machine 3 tv,s fridge, freezer about 18 down lights,etc diesel heating,etc thankyou

Asked by: andy wakler  | 11.10pm, Tuesday 8 May

WW says:

The minimum size you will need is approximately 3.5KW assuming the fridge and freezer are 230V.
The inverter needs to be a pure sine wave model or the washing machine may not work due to the electronic or thyroister controller. A modified sine wave (and cheaper) inverter may not give good performance either with the TV's but that depends on the make/ model of TV.
Whilst not being able to recommend specific models, those from the major suppliers such as Sterling, Victron and Mastervolt often appear on new craft and in chandlers. Whether they are combi units which include battery chargers for use on shorelines is up to you.
One thing to bear in mind is that your battery bank needs to be substantial to provide a stable 230V system and that running high load appliances, such as the washer, are best done when cruising, while the engine is under load and. It just running to charge the batteries.
You might want to check what demands you think you will be using, with the electrical calculator that is available to the left side of this page.

Mark Langley  | 3.34PM, Wednesday 9 May

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