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Ceramic tile adhesive

I am about to tile the bathroom in my narrowboat. What type of adhesive would you recommend for ceramic tiles on to unvarnished pylwood?

Asked by: Peter Heath  | 3.25pm, Friday 12 September

WW says:

I have always used cork tile adhesive made for wall tiles - not the floor tile variety. Do it All used to stock Westco adhesive which was particularly good.

You need to prime the plywood with a thin layer of the adhesive and let it 'go off' for a while. The tiles can then be lightly 'buttered' and pushed into place. You may need spacers to stop them sliding down for a while.

Once the adhesive has set, nothing will remove the tile. You can then grout the joints with ordinary grouting but the corners, where two surfaces meet, should be filled with silicone sealant to allow for movement.

Graham Booth  | 10.25AM, Saturday 13 September

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