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Removal of chimney

I am trying to remove the chimney coller from the roof of my narrow boat whilst its in the paint shed to allow the roof to be painted. I have removed the 2 bolts but I am having difficulty separating the coller from the flue pipe. Any ideas please.

Asked by: Mike Jordan  | 4.36pm, Wednesday 9 May

WW says:

Last time I removed a chimney collar I had to gently heat the collar with a blow torch and then use a chisel to separate it from the roof, having used the chisel to remove all packing from around the flue pipe. Not exactly the best answer but heat and brute force did seem to work...
Hopefully others will have a more practical and effective technique!

Mark Langley  | 4.48PM, Wednesday 9 May

To be honest separating the flue pipe and collar can be quite difficult, especially if the joint has been sealed with fire cement. This does not stop moisture which corrodes the outside of the flue pipe, resulting in the joint becoming solid. Often the only way to separate the collar from the pipe is as Mark says; heat and brute force, however if the flue pipe is in poor condition it might not survive the process.
A better way to seal the flue pipe into the collar is to use glass fibre rope and high temperature silicone. This will make a more flexible and watertight joint, which should be easier to disassemble in the future.

Rupert Smedley  | 11.33AM, Thursday 10 May

Readers say:

Thanks Mark

Mike Jordan  | 10.30AM, Thursday 10 May

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