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painting a narrowboat

Can you recommend any articles or publications on painting and bottom blacking a narrowboat? Also what paints are especially recommended?

Asked by: Brian Woods  | 2.23pm, Thursday 10 May

WW says:

WW ran a series of three articles about painting the superstructure of my boat, Rome, in the June, July and August editions in 2002. I wrote an article about dry docking and blacking the hull in the November 2011 issue. There is also some information on these subjects in the 'Maintenance' chapter of the Inland Boatowner's Book, also published by WW.
It is difficult to recommend specific paints as some painters find certain makes easier to use while others recommend completely different makes. As a general rule, you get what you pay for.
The November 2011 article goes into the different types of hull paint and the advantages and disadvantages of each. In particular, the fact that more expensive types can work out cheaper in the long run because the hull does not need repainting so frequently.

Graham Booth  | 4.02PM, Thursday 10 May

The 2011 article is available to read online but it looks as though this service does not go back as far as 2002. Please ring 01283 742970 and I am sure they can sell you the back numbers.
You can buy the inland Boatowner's Book online by selecting the 'Shop' option.
I have just spotted that we ran another article on boat painting in the December 2007 issue.
Good luck!

Graham Booth  | 10.09AM, Friday 11 May

Readers say:

Thanks for that Graham. Can I order the back copies?

Brian Woods  | 10.30PM, Thursday 10 May

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