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Thetford 200 to 260 conversion

I'm buying a boat that has a c200 plumbed in. I'd like to change that to the porcalain bowl 260c. Anyone know if thats a straight forward thing to do? Fittings in the same place? Also, is the cassette much bigger on the 260? The cassette is removed into a cupboard on the boat and it looks a bit tight already, getting it out. Thanks.

Asked by: Carl Young  | 12.13am, Sunday 13 May

WW says:

Best thing is to download the installation manuals and diagrams (free) from Thetford Europe http://www.thetford-europe.com/ which also has information on previous models.
Thetford also offer "refresh" packs, which can upgrade your current model, if the plastic bowl is looking tired.
Might also be worth buying a spare cassette for your loo, if you upgrade or not, as it is very useful to have a spare!

Mark Langley  | 2.57PM, Sunday 13 May

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