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is an inverter combo best for a liveaboard or just the normal inverter

Asked by: andy wakler  | 11.28pm, Monday 14 May

WW says:

A Combo is an inverter that has a built-in charger so it can produce 230-volt power from your 12-volt batteries and charge the batteries from a 230 volt supply. If there is no 230-volt supply available on your mooring - or if you are a continuous cruiser - the charger part is not going to be much use to you.
Even if you do have a mains supply on you mooring - or if you plan to visit places that have a hook-up - it can be argued that opting for a separate inverter and charger means that, if either of them goes wrong at any time, you still have the benefit of the other while it is being fixed or replaced. Also, by opting for separate units, you can chose the combination of power outputs/inputs that suits you best.
Remember, the simple solution is usually the best.

Graham Booth  | 10.31AM, Tuesday 15 May

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