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can any one help me iam trying to buy a pullmans dinette but cant find any on the net, does any one have any plans of this dinette? its the one that doubles for a bed, thanks

Asked by: andy wakler  | 7.16pm, Thursday 17 May

WW says:

The vast majority of dinettes are made-to-measure, and fitted in-situ on a boat, as the dimensions between one boat and another vary so much! The basic types (L-shaped, face-to-face, raised, etc) are fairly simple to design and are covered in the Narrow Boat Builders Book, and in the Layouts book, both of which have Graham Booths commentary and advice.
If you want someone to build you one, most narrowboat joiners will be able to produce you one. Our contributor Mike Jordan has covered various woodwork projects for boats in WW and he does bespoke joinery for boats and may be able to guide you further.

Mark Langley  | 8.53PM, Thursday 17 May

Hi Andy
A full set of plans for an L shaped dinette appeared in the May & June 2011 editions. If you search under articles the plans can be downloaded for a small charge. The true pullman type is not so often used these days so I haven't made one for a while. I do have a very simple plan of a method of making one which I would happy to send to you, it may be of assistance.
My email address is in an add under equipment in the current classified pages.
Mike Jordan.

Mike Jordan  | 7.26PM, Friday 18 May

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