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Game on (narrowboats)

I am about to become a continuous cruising live aboard. I'd like to supliment my cupboard with the odd rabbit. My intention is to ask at farms around my moorings if it would be ok to take a couple of rabbits using an air gun. Has anyone any thoughts about the use of an air gun on the waterways (apart from the obvious vegetarian issues). It may be worth just mentioning, that I'm retiring from a professional career in law enforcement.

Asked by: Carl Young  | 11.22pm, Thursday 24 May

WW says:

Just to note- it is an offence against the British Waterways byelaws (section 46, 1965) to: "No person shall throw, shoot or otherwise propel any stone, shot, bullet or other missile from, into or over any vessel or canal."
This has been taken that no weapon (airgun, shotgun or otherwise) can be used on or around boat, on navigations (more specifically canals) run by British Waterways.
Some people have used airguns on the waterway for vermin control, but this has generally been heavily frowned up- and also could be considered to be impacting the natural ecology of the environment.

Mark Langley  | 10.49AM, Friday 25 May

There are numerous old tales of boatmen stocking their stew pots with birds and rabbits. The countryside is considerably more populated these days and care would need to be taken. Permission from the landowner would certainly be needed as the shooting rights are quite often let out to clubs.
Thought should also be given to storage of an air gun, an inaccessible or secure place would best with the pellets and the gun being kept in different locations.
Farmers might actually welcome some culling of a pest as they can cause disruption, and canal embankments have been weakened causing breaches by burrowing animals.
Grey squirrels can make a good meal as well, good luck.

Rupert Smedley  | 10.53AM, Friday 25 May

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