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tank guages

I wish to install 3 guages for my water tank, holding tank and diesel tank, with the displays mounted on my control panel inside the boat. Can you recommend a product/supplier which I can use and is there anything wireless?

Asked by: mike bass  | 10.39am, Tuesday 12 June

WW says:

Wireless gauges are not very prevalent, especially in the inland waterway market.
Vetus are a very common producer of gauges: there online catalogue shows a wide range of different sensors and fittings.
A very common set of gauges, which seem to be very common (and well-priced) on recently reviewed narrowboats, come from MCS Boat Products. http://www.mcsboatproducts.co.uk/ they have a good range of gauges, with a simple to fit sender, and easily calibrated display.
When choosing senders, ensure that they have the minimum number of moving parts (especially for toilet holding tanks) as solid material (!) can quickly render some float sensors inaccurate.
Ensure that fuel tank senders are installed carefully, to meet the Boat Safety Scheme requirements, and that diesel fuel cannot enter the interior of the craft. MCS produce one that can be tapped into the base of the tank, with a isolation valve so it could be removed in future, without draining or opening up the diesel tank.

Mark Langley  | 3.51PM, Tuesday 12 June

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