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Avtex portable satellite system

I am looking at portable satellite options.
I came across the Avtex AQF431 (suprisingly like the CAMOS PAPSA which doesn't seem to be available from the normal channels anymore).
I wondered if anyone has tried the Avtex or can recommend another portable solution.
Thank you in advance. Colin

Asked by: Colin Neale  | 6.45pm, Saturday 16 June

WW says:

Hi Colin,
Sorry that we haven't been able to give a specific response to this question: our technical team have only limited experience of satellite #systems onboard boats!
However, we have tried out, in a limited fashion, the Maxview VuQube, and this seems remarkably quick in picking up satellite signals, with the remote control working from inside an all-steel narrowboat shell, even in a cutting!
You might be able to try-before-you-buy with some of the products- have a look through WW and those companies that supply for boats are listed there. They all tend to give good impartial advice, as the last thing they want is someone to buy their product and find it doesn't work for them!
Let us know how you get on.

Mark Langley  | 11.50AM, Thursday 21 June

Readers say:

Hello Mark,
Thanks so much for your advice. I have struggled to get real data on the Avtex so after doing some more research I was leaning towards the VuQube myself so it's great to hear you mention it also.
I particularly like the fact that the VuQube doesn't need a separate power cable as the power is fed through the coaxial lead.
My boat is just about to be built and it won't be ready until next March but I will most certainly let you know how I get on.
Thanks again, Colin..

Colin Neale  | 12.03PM, Thursday 21 June

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