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Hi can any one tell me what the tap conections are on bw stand pipes, i mean are they hoselock type or the screw on type, thanks

Asked by: andy wakler  | 10.42am, Monday 25 June

WW says:

Most standpipes have two connectors (though they vary throughout the network!).
One side is push-fit (which requires a jubilee clip to hold on!) and the other takes a screw-on fitting, to which you can attach a screw-on push-fit Hozelock type.
To find out, pop down to your nearest sanitary station or waterpoint and have a look at the local type for your waterway. But most screw on fittings that allow you to snap-lock a connector on are most common to carry- though boaters usually carry a whole array of different end fittings, to cater for all eventualities!

Mark Langley  | 1.11PM, Monday 25 June

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