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sound insulation

Where is the best place to get the sound proofing sheets? Cheers

Asked by: Robert Bush  | 8.20am, Thursday 28 June

WW says:

Most chandlers will stock soundproof sheet, of various types. The largest ranges (and specialists in the materials) are T W Marine (www.twmarine.co.uk)based at High Peak and are well known on the canals, and ASAP Supplies (www.asap-supplies.com) who supply a wide range of sound insulation to general leisure and commercial vessels.
TW Marine supply Halyard sound insulation, which is very well known in the UK, while ASAP tend to specialise in the American Quietlife materials, whicha are also very goood!
Some thinner (cheaper) insulation, especially those without a polymeric barrier between the two layers of foam, as not nearly as effetive as the more specialised insulation sheets.
Hope that helps. Both companies are very helpful.
Your local chandlery will be able to order in insulation as well- just ensure that it is 0 rated for fire.

Mark Langley  | 8.00PM, Thursday 28 June

I didn't want to be too specific to one or two companies in the article- however, both ASAP and TW Marine advertise in WW, and I am quite happy to recommend them. other chandlers will provide it (such as Vetus) but these two are specialists in supplying it, along with other engine fitments and come most readily to mind.

Mark Langley  | 8.09PM, Thursday 28 June

Readers say:

Cheers thanks I need to replace some and the article jogged my mind but it didn't say what and where to get it.

Robert Bush  | 8.06PM, Thursday 28 June

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