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compare engines

i am thinking of buying a57ft narrow boat with a vetus engine are there any things i should look out for and how do they compare to say beta engine

Asked by: jim stenhouse  | 4.21pm, Sunday 8 July

WW says:

Vets engines installed on Narrowboats, are based on the Mitsubishi Kaizen (K series) industrial engines and have been Installed in quite a large number since the1980's on Narrowboats.
The engines have a well-supported network of dealers, and parts are easy to find and not expensive. The engines are smaller than the equivalent Beta engines- the M4.17 being commonly fitted and then to have smaller alternators- however they work well and like most modern engines perform well.
Being slightly smaller in cubic capacity than the equivalent Beta, they have to work a bit harder, but this is no bad things/ too slow running in any engine can lead to carbonisation of the cylinder heads and oil forming sludge in the sump.
A well maintained engine is the key part- it doesn't matter on the make if it poorly looked after, it will perform badly.
If you are buying a new boat, then the Vetus engines have a higher alternator as standard and can have additional units fitted, than the older units. They are also quite competitively Priced as well- and being smaller in size than the Beta of the same output, can fit in a smaller engine bay.
If the boat is secondhand, just ensure that maintenance is kept up and that oil pressure, engine temp and coolant quality are all up to scratch when you trial the boat. A boat survey will pick up any problems with the engine.
Overall, the choice of engine in a new boat is very much a customers choice- ideally, try a boat with different engines, too see if you like the sound level, performance, etc. before making your final choice.

Mark Langley  | 5.47PM, Sunday 8 July

Readers say:

Thanks Mark this has been more than helpfull

jim stenhouse  | 8.53PM, Tuesday 10 July

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