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solar panels

iwish to fit 300 watt solar panel and 500 watt wind charger how many amps will my controler need to be

Asked by: christopher smith  | 6.55pm, Friday 20 July

WW says:

At 12V, your total maximum power input would be 800W giving 67 amps of current. This would mean 80amps capacity plus in the controller. For a large input like this, you are better consulting the panel/wind generator suppliers- or better still the manufacturer and take their recommendation. Using one of their own controllers might then guarantee the systems performance better.
Also consider the type of controller, and the battery bank capacity- and type of battery chemistry you are using.

Mark Langley  | 11.15PM, Friday 20 July

The type of controller required for both solar and wind generators is the same, it shunts any excess power to prevent overcharging of the battery. Thus one 100Amp controller should be sufficient.

Rupert Smedley  | 1.49PM, Saturday 21 July

Readers say:

thanks for the quick responce you have helped me again

christopher smith  | 3.05PM, Saturday 21 July

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