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soler panels

are the large individuel soler panels fitted on houses the same as the smaller ones fitted on boats could i fit say 1 x200 watt panal 5x3feet on my boat

Asked by: christopher smith  | 7.52pm, Monday 30 July

WW says:

As long as the nominal output is no higher than around 19V open circuit, there is no reason that you can't use them as they are essentially the same as marine panels. Just make sure that if they are aluminium framed, that the frame does not make electrical contact directly with steel, or the aluminium, being more reactive, may corrode quicker than you would expect.
Most of the panels fitted to Narrowboats are basically domestic ones, with up to 40 cells per panel- just checks the open voltages and you should be fine. You might have to improvise suitable brackets, but even with "marine" panels, the ones supplied rarely fit as you want!

Mark Langley  | 9.08PM, Monday 30 July

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