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Lap Top Power Supply

My laptop battery does not last long enough for me and I don't want the noise of the engine running while I work. Any suggestions of how I can get power to it without draining my domestic battery. Am I correct in thinking that laptops are power hungry?

Asked by: Jane Fisher  | 6.36am, Sunday 21 September

WW says:

Laptops can indeed be power-hungry - it depends very much on the model - but there's no reason for you to abandon the hope of powering it from your domestic batteries.

Consider getting a solar panel or wind charger to keep the batteries topped up as you work.

If possible, use a purpose-designed 12v power supply rather than an inverter; this will be significantly more efficient.

Look at the 'Energy Saver' settings on your laptop to see if you can minimise consumption. If you're only doing word-processing work, you may be able to enable a 'reduced processor speed' setting which will reduce consumption. Turning the brightness down on the display can also help if you have enough natural light.

Alternatively, if word-processing is your main task, you might also want to consider one of the new breed of 'ultra-mobile PCs', such as the Asus Eee - these have very low power requirements and are probably cheaper than a solar panel.

Richard Fairhurst  | 10.11AM, Monday 22 September

Readers say:

spare batteries with longer battery power are available approx £30 or go into a pc world n ask 1 of the THE TECH GUYS

andrew wolfendale  | 1.08AM, Monday 10 August

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