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Contaminated hot water?

Thank you for your first ansewer. The boat surveyor could not find the PRV and has said in his report that one must be fitted. If there isn't one at the moment, could this cause the contamination?

Asked by: Paul Taylor  | 10.14pm, Sunday 19 August

WW says:

You certainly do need a PRV- unsure why one wouldn't be fitted, I don't know as they usually come pre-fitted or supplied with the calorifier.
As for how the diesel gets in, I am unsure... however, as the pressure would fluctuate in the calorifier with the changing temperature, with no PRV, it would be possibly for a partial vaccuum to form and pull in diesel fumes and/or oil.
It is quite a troubling occurance- if no PRV is fitted, then, if the calorifier is in the engine space, then it could draw in diesel fume through the pipework, depending on the material fitted
If you want to take pictures of the installation then you can email them to us and we will take a look, though we can't really promise to come up with a solution: mark.langley@waterwaysworld.com
and I will pass it on to my colleagues for them to comment on!

Mark Langley  | 11.22PM, Sunday 19 August

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