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Problems with inverter

Hello, we have a sterling Inverter and have just had 4 new batteries, but have a problem with the power. The ac out light on the inverter flashes intermittently and affects the radio, fridge, tv etc so that we cannot run them. This happens when travelling or moored, but not when we are connected to the mains

Asked by: Carol/Keith  | 7.50pm, Tuesday 21 August

WW says:

Is your Sterling inveter a combined charger-inverter, or just stand-alone?
If combined, it may be that the inverting side has failed.
It might be worth checking the cable supply to the inverter is a suitable size- and preferably runs directly from the master switch (via an inline fuse) to the inverter. Too thin a cable will cause voltage drop, which may then cut out the inverter.
What size is the inverter? or, if possible, the model number- we might then be able to give more specific advice related to that equipment- as Sterling have produced many different models over the years.

Mark Langley  | 12.30PM, Wednesday 22 August

Readers say:

Sorry I haven,t been able to get back to you, computer packed up too !
The inverter is a 3kw combined,is this the model No. DAI300C121 ?

Carol/Keith  | 8.41PM, Wednesday 12 September

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