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70 foot long mooring rope

Where can i buy a 70 foot long mooring rope (delivered) for the bow of my 58 foot narrowboat for when i travel the Thames single handed. Tried searching online but can't find one, any suggestions.

Asked by: Paul Jones  | 5.53pm, Tuesday 28 August

WW says:

Try Brian McGuigan on NB Alton 07791 345004. He makes fenders and can supply mooring ropes spliced up to any length.

Rupert Smedley  | 11.10PM, Tuesday 28 August

Readers say:

try www.tradline.co.uk rope store at braunston

mick turner  | 11.12PM, Tuesday 28 August

Great help, thanks!

Paul Jones  | 8.23PM, Thursday 30 August

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