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Locking fuel cap

Does anyone know where i can buy a locking fuel cap for my narrowboat?

Asked by: Paul Jones  | 5.55pm, Tuesday 28 August

WW says:

ASAP Supplies (www.asap-supplies.com) have a variety of different locking filler caps available- what you need depends on what you have currently as your filler cap- but most can be retro fitted.

Mark Langley  | 11.32PM, Wednesday 29 August

It depends on the type of tank your boat has and what sort of filling arrangement. If you have the common type of tank built into the back of the counter with the filler on the deck above, there are proprietary locking fuel caps on the market which replace the existing filler.
If you have a raised spillage diverter around the filler, it can often be drilled or cut to accept a steel bar which can be padlocked in place. Do ensure that the function of the diverter is not compromised, or your Boat Safety examiner might comment.
Where the filler is in the gunwale, it is difficult to make secure without making a trip hazard. In this case simply doing the cap up very tight can deter thieves. A device that fits inside the pipe preventing tubing being inserted to pump out the fuel is also available.

Rupert Smedley  | 6.51PM, Thursday 30 August

Readers say:

Thanks, very helpful

Paul Jones  | 7.53PM, Thursday 30 August

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