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Where can I buy this saucepan/oven?

A few years ago I purchased a pair of saucepans that could be used either as 2 pans or by turning one upside down on the other it bacame an oven you could use on top of the hob. I have done many fantastic roasts, stews, even bread and cakes in it. I now want to buy another one but can't find them anywhere. I purchased it at an inland waterways boatshow where they were demonstrating them. Any help with tracking down the supplier would be much appreciated.

Asked by: Jane Fisher  | 4.50pm, Tuesday 23 September

Readers say:

We bought them in 1992, when we got the first caravan, they lasted years, a google search gave me the following, Bonne appetite (?)

Where Can I get them From?

D & F Promotions are the sole suppliers of the Double Skillet and you can order on the phone or look out for them at many of the major outdoor shows.

9 and a half inch - £38.00 plus £6 P&P

8 inch - £32.00 plus £6 P&P

These two options include VAT and a free instruction recipe leaflet. You can also buy a "new cook book - £5.99"

This link will help


Howard Davey  | 9.10PM, Tuesday 7 October

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