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How good is 2 pack paint

Is having a narrowboat sprayed with 2 pack paint worthwhile. Does the surface chip & scratch less and stay rust free longer.

Asked by: grayham pope  | 5.49pm, Friday 31 August

WW says:

The difference between conventional paint and "two pack" paint is that instead of relying on the evaporation of a solvent, "two pack" paint is mixed together before application and hardens by chemical reaction. Hence the real advantage is that it is guaranteed to harden properly unless the temperature is too cold. It can be harder, but whether this will last longer it is difficult to say. If however you are having the boat spray painted, the thickness of the paint film will be much less than brush painting. This will be less resistant to scratches as it will be easier to go right through to the steel, rather than just through the top coat.

Rupert Smedley  | 8.14PM, Friday 31 August

Also, spray paint is almost impossible to touch in without leaving obvious marks; so when you scratch the paintwork (tree branches, etc.) which is inevitable, it will often rust quickly and be hard to cover.
Two-part paint can be applied by brush, in which case you get a very hard finihs that lasts well and can be touched in. The paints can be controlled to decide how quickly they harden off, by the proportions of the two parts (and/or other additives).
Most narrowboats, however, don't use these, as they can be very difficult to apply by a non-professional. Also, spray painting can give an "orange peel" effect if applied poorly, or can be so glossy, that unless you have the most amazing finish to the steelwork, every curve, dent, filler and weld mark will show through!

Mark Langley  | 9.26PM, Wednesday 5 September

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