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NB Purton

Is there a histo9ry of the 1930's Northwhich Purton? I think it was cut down by BW for the L&L as a floating workshop, then privately owned.

Asked by: John Mack  | 11.58am, Saturday 1 September

WW says:

If you look at the Historic Narrow Boat Club website hnbc.org.uk and search for Purton there is a picture and some history.

Rupert Smedley  | 11.34AM, Sunday 2 September

Readers say:

yes ther is put in narrowboat purton for sale and press search it was shortened by bw to work oa calder and hebble it had a national engine then changed to lister hb it moored at brookfoot lock 15 years ago owwned privet i had not seen it since then . i saw it 2weeks ago at norbury wharth

christopher smith  | 3.12PM, Saturday 1 September

Definitely there is. We have owned PURTON for last 18 years.
Engine by the way is an HA2. Shortened in 1962,for maintenance

Alan Rose  | 3.26PM, Friday 16 September

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