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motorcycle on narrow boat

I have seen a motorcycle lifted onto the bow of a narrow boat, and I have found Belle they have stowed a motorcycle, but the photos dont show the motorcycle in situ, has anybody got other ideas.

Asked by: Peter Wright  | 6.13pm, Monday 3 September

WW says:

It is possible to mount a foldibg ramp to wheel the motorbike aboard- I have seen, in the past, a ramp which allowed the 'bike to be wheeled aboard, and then act as a protective "cover". It was mounted above the (extended) stern fender and was secured to the aft deck Taff rail.
As for the bow, davits to lift a bike aboard are easily obtained from chandlers- however, a folding metal ramp is far less hastle- and expense!
The metal ramp can also be used as a secure mount of storing the bike aboard.
Wide mean boats often use various contraptions to bring bikes aboard, but in a narrowboat, te simpler and cheaper the better!

Mark Langley  | 8.21PM, Monday 3 September

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