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Suitable holiday?

In 2013 we (1 x 75, 1x 70, 1x 69 and 1 x 40) would like to holiday by narrowboat on the Kennet & Avon canal. Would our ages and total lack of experience prevent a relaxing first time narrow boat holiday?

Asked by: john clayden  | 3.57pm, Wednesday 5 September

WW says:

Age does not preclude fun on the waterways, but it is a good idea if everyone is reasonably fit and agile.
I wonder why you specifically have chosen the K & A as their are some tricky bits on the river sections and the long flight at Caen Hill is hard work. I would suggest that a narrow canal would be better for a first trip as the locks are much easier; the boat fits nicely and the gates are smaller and generally easier to move.

Rupert Smedley  | 5.19PM, Wednesday 5 September

You could also try a less locked canal, like the North Oxford/Ashby and Coventry canals, which, despite their names, are very rural for the most part!

Mark Langley  | 9.22PM, Wednesday 5 September

Readers say:

no as long as the youngster respects his elders , do it and have a good time and remember we all had to start sometime

mick turner  | 4.10PM, Wednesday 5 September

Fortunately my nephew, the 40 year old in the party is a pleasant young man.
Many thanks for your encouragement.

john clayden  | 4.19PM, Wednesday 5 September

Many thanks
I am much encouraged
John C

john clayden  | 7.23AM, Thursday 6 September

Hi, I've just bought a narrowboat based in the Fens on the Middle level, approximately 30 miles north-west of Cambridge.The landscape is incredibly flat here, and there are very few locks. There are narrowboat hire companies around here, including Fo Narrowboats. they recently did some work on my boat for me and seemed a decent family-run firm to deal with. Have a wonderful time, wherever you go.

Carolyn Ross  | 10.46PM, Monday 10 September

Many thanks, I'll think about all this

john clayden  | 8.13AM, Tuesday 11 September

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