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getting from river Dewent to Bristol channel

Im planning a trip from the river Dewent, going down the Nottingham canal to Leicester then under Birmingham to the Bristol channel. First of all, is this possible. And is there anyway that I can measure the distnce? Thank you.

Asked by: Paul Bassett  | 10.32am, Tuesday 30 September

WW says:

Certainly possible in theory, though it's not an easy trip - you'll have the tidal Trent and Severn estuary to contend with, and a pilot is very strongly recommended for the latter.

What size is your boat? Bear in mind that the Midlands canals are narrow so you'll be restricted to 7ft beam at most. Any wider, and the only way is round the coast - or on a lorry!

You can use the Canalplan website, at www.canalplan.org.uk, to calculate the distance and estimated time.

Richard Fairhurst  | 11.12AM, Tuesday 30 September

Impressive - good luck!

You'll need a British Waterways licence (for an "unpowered boat"). You can find out more about this at www.britishwaterways.co.uk.

Permission and special licences are also required to pass through the River Derwent locks, but if you're in a rowing boat, it'll probably be easier - and cheaper - for you to portage your boat around.

Richard Fairhurst  | 12.00PM, Thursday 2 October

Readers say:

Richard, thanks for your answer.

Its a rowing boat. Its only 4ft wide, but with oars out its about 18ft. We have a way of getting around this, we are going to use different size oars. Basically my friends and I are going to be rowing from John o Groats to Lands End next year (for Carity). And we are planing the route now, our main sponsors are in Leicester so this is why we are going through the canal system. Can you give me any advice on planning a trip like this ei- do I need licences or permition to travel through certain canals?

Many thanks again

Paul Bassett  | 2.10PM, Wednesday 1 October

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