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Which water pump???

Heh ww, Iam fitting out my narrow boat from scratch and I need some water pump advice. It is 70ft with a water travel from pump to tap of 10 metres. I will be running 2 sinks and a shower from my pump and also an instant gas water heater heater. I have checked what the minimum working pressure is for the water heater but I just havent got a clue which water pump to buy... I want a good waterflow for the distance and pump to travel and I know you get what you pay for, so what pump would you recommend.

Asked by: Chris Trendowicz  | 9.59am, Wednesday 26 September

WW says:

There are several water pumps available that would be suitable, but WW do not recommend specific manufacturers. The main points to look for in the specification are flow rate and pressure; the two parameters do not however go together. The highest flow rate will be at minimum pressure, whilst the highest delivery pressure only occurs at a minimum water flow.
Some boats have two pumps, one to supply the water heater for hot water, and the other for cold. If the shower is being used, this ensures a good supply of hot water; avoiding cold water if the water heater stops when someone turns another tap on causing a drop in water pressure.
To ensure good pump operation; an unrestricted water supply is needed with a simple filter to catch any particles that might damage the diaphragm. A good electrical supply is essential; a large cross section cable will ensure a low voltage drop, giving good operation and long life.
Some pumps work best with a pressure reservoir; this is a container with water and air separated by a diaphragm, since water cannot be compressed, the air buffers the pump action avoiding excessive on and off cycling.

Rupert Smedley  | 3.05PM, Wednesday 26 September

Readers say:

Cool, thanks for that. I was considering 2 small pumps rather than one bigger one, so will go for that I rekon..cheers..

Chris Trendowicz  | 8.55AM, Thursday 27 September

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