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Solid fuel stove

Where can I find detailed information on fitting a solid fuel buring stove in my narrowbaot to current standards? I am particularly interested in the flue requirements. Thanks.

Asked by: Paul Taylor  | 12.11pm, Friday 5 October

WW says:

The British Standards are quite expensive to find- however, if you look at an article "Is your stove safe" from May 2011 (available as a PDF from this site) to give you more information.
You will also find that stove supplier are able to give information on specific stoves and how to install them to ensure they comply. Morso, for example, are particularly good in this respect.
A very reputable supplier to the inland market, such as Kings Lock Chandlery at Middlewich, who have a specialist shop for solid fuel burning stoves, are also able to give advice.
There is also a suggest that DIY installations might not always be acceptable, however this is not enshrined in BSS requirements yet (unlike gas systems).

Mark Langley  | 4.24PM, Friday 5 October

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