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No reverse

Hi folks my friend has just inherited a narrowboat on our first trip out the craft seemed to only forward but no reverse when engaged into reverse it propelled the boat forward it's a morse trottle no model number on it side mounted and has a tap like choke on the front of it any solutions would be great

Asked by: barry  | 9.26am, Sunday 7 October

WW says:

There are several reasons why the reverse gear is not working. The first thing to do is to watch the gearbox when the Morse control is operated; the cable operates a small lever on the side of the gearbox. When forward is selected the lever will move one way, the other way for reverse, with neutral in the middle. I think it is most likely that the Morse control is at fault and the gearbox lever moves the same way irrespective of the Morse lever direction.
It is always a good idea to check the oil level within the gearbox. This is separate from the engine and has its own dip stick. If the oil is low the gear selection becomes erratic as the clutches are operated by oil pressure.

Rupert Smedley  | 1.56PM, Sunday 7 October

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