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16 AMP Generators

I recently asked for advice about a Generator for my narrowboat as the electric had been cut off at my Marina. I have found a Generator I wish to purchase but, as with all i looked at, the output is 16AMP. Can i just connect it my boat in the same way I would a landline or do I need equipment to reduce to 13AMP. I am assuming standard hookup is 13AMP. Any info gratefully received.

Asked by: Paul Jones  | 12.03pm, Tuesday 9 October

WW says:

A standard blue Marechal shoreline inlet socket is rated to 16A so you should have no problem.
However, often missed is the need to earth the generator itself- there should be an earthing point to which you can attach a (thick) length of wire, ideally earthed to a mooring spike into the ground, rather than the boat. This then gives an earth return protection.
Hope that helps.

Mark Langley  | 7.40PM, Tuesday 9 October

Readers say:

Great thanks, now I can go ahead!

Paul Jones  | 12.05PM, Wednesday 10 October

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