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hot water

i have a 57ft crusier and for the first time last night i had an electric hook up , on board i have an sterling pro combi inverter and a wabasto central heating motor, i switched the inverter to auto and plugged in the hook up i left this on all night so this morning i expected to have hot water but i didn't, am i doing somthing wrong, when i run the engine for an hour the water is red hot!!, can anyone tell me step by step about how to conect to the hook up and get hot water!! thanks

Asked by: andy wakler  | 2.33pm, Thursday 11 October

WW says:

If your boat is relatively new and built by a boatyard, it should have a manual explaining how the systems work. If it is older or privately fitted out, there will not be manual. In this case it is often a case of working things out by trial and error, especially if the boat has been bought via a third party or broker. In this case the link to the previous owner is often lost, with the associated explanation of how things work. Boats can be very individual, with a "standard" boat being difficult to find.
Does your boat have an electric immersion heater fitted into the calorifier? This can be easily checked by looking at the hot water cylinder; the heaters are similar to the ordinary domestic ones and will be connected with mains cable.
If you do have an immersion heater it should be wired up so that it can be used when shore power is available. (Running it from an invertor would be a good way to flatten the batteries!) Maybe it is not working or had not been switched on.
The combi invertor will charge the batteries when hooked up to the mains, but if there is no immersion heater the water will only be heated by the Webasto central heating, or by running the engine.

Rupert Smedley  | 3.06PM, Thursday 11 October

Often the immersion heater will have a seperate swtich- sometimes these are not obvious.
Immersion heater controls are not linked to the inverter, so if you do have an immersion heater, as Rupert describes, trace back the wiring and you should find where it is switched!
Sometimes this is just on the RCCB (circuit breaker) panel directly.

Mark Langley  | 5.56PM, Friday 12 October

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