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Vibration on tiller

What causes vibration on the tiller and how can it be reduced?

Asked by: richard gregory  | 6.41pm, Wednesday 23 April
Tags: maintenance tiller

WW says:

I agree that the most probable cause is a worn rudder bearing either at the top or, more likely, the bottom of the rudder post where it meets the skeg.

Graham Booth  | 3.00PM, Thursday 24 April

Readers say:

First possibility is something fouling the propellor - go down the weed hatch. If clean, then it may be a worn bearing at the bottom of the rudder post - we had this recently and it was cured by inserting a lead washer - but the boat had to be out of the water to do it.

David Hymers  | 10.40AM, Thursday 24 April

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