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canal boat to france

Has anybody written a guide to taking a canal boat to france?

Asked by: chris bones  | 11.55am, Wednesday 17 October

WW says:

Do you mean taking it across the channel? If so, if the boat is a narrowboat, its not generally recommended unless you are highly experienced- and even then, many insurers will not cover you if the boat is category D.
Having taken a number of inland boats across the channel, in both directions, even coastal vessels can prove uncomfortable; plus the cost of equipping a boat to meet the requirements (if your boat is over 15m) is quite subsstantial.
If you have not got offshore cruising experience (to at least Coastal Skipper level) then the best, cheapest and most practical way to move it is to have it transported over on a lorry and craned in on the Northern French, Belgium or Dutch waterways. Crossing the channel in a narrowboat is not a sensible action to take. Bear in mind that a Category D boat might be impounded by the French in coastal waters as being an unsuitable boat!
For taking a boat to France in a more conventional manner, there are lots of information in previous issues of Waterways World.
If you are taking a widebeam boat (of Cat C or B) by water, then the Dutch Barge Association has a wealth of information available- and is worth consulting.
If you want any more information on specifics, please ask on here or email me directly on mark.langley@waterwaysworld.com and I will try and do my best, including the legal information that you need to consider.

Mark Langley  | 2.15PM, Wednesday 17 October

Readers say:

You may wish to contact Terry and Monica Darlington who sailed their narrowboat - with pet whippet - from the UK across the channel and all the way down through France to Carcassonne in the south. Their book, Narrow Dog to Carcassonne is well worth reading and explains the rather odd title!

Roy Harris  | 2.51PM, Sunday 3 February

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