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tiller shape

does the tiller have to angled I want to put a bike rack on the back of a cruiser, can the tiller be straightened without any compromising steering.

Asked by: Peter Wright  | 9.51pm, Sunday 28 October

WW says:

A vertical tiller arm will make steering quite difficult- there is a reason that tiller arms are curved the way they are. Also, a vertical tiller arm will make the boat less saleable on the second hand market as it does not meet the "norm" of a boat.
Some very cheap boats from the '70's and early 80's had vertical tiller arms and they were notoriously challenging to handle!
You may be able to fit a bike rack on a boat without adjusting the tiller, especially if you increase the aft fender (using a steel frame) and mount a purpose built bike rack just above the water line, you should be able to have a normal tiller. I have seen this done quite successfully on several boats. The advantage is that you can easily alter the stern fender fittings later to a more normal provision.
Remember that any additional bike rack that projects from the boat must be protected by a stern fender that sticks out more than the rack (as required by the byelaws). Alse make sure that the bike rack doesn't project too much at the stern, as it is easy to catch when manouvering in confined spaces.

Mark Langley  | 11.07PM, Sunday 28 October

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