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Draining Down Water System

Can I add an anti freeze to my narrowboat water tank

Asked by: Peter Allan  | 12.07pm, Thursday 1 November

WW says:

There are products that you can add to water systems to frost-protect, such as "Freeze-ban" which you can pump through the system pipework however it would be uneconomical to fill the entire tank!
To use the system after treatment, it has to be thoroughly flushed, or the taste remains for some time.
In theory, as long as you drain down the water system, and the water tank is not completely full, it should suffer no harm if it freezes. The big problems are water pumps themselves, pipework and calorifiers/instantaneous water heaters, which can split.
Do no be tempted to use any "normal"antifreeze in the water system, as it is toxic in large doses and you would never get the taste (or residual antifreeze) out of the system if you did add it. Even "environmentally friendly" antifreezes are not suitable for drinking systems. Many chandlers sell Freeze Ban, as mentioned above, but a simple and quick draining down during the winter is far cheaper, easier and better for the environment.

Mark Langley  | 12.49PM, Thursday 1 November

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