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Isuzu panel - hour meter

The hour meter display on my Isuzu panel is unreliable but does sometimes show the hours run, especially after running for a few hours. I have heard that this is a common problem with Isuzu panels. Any ideas on a fix, apart from fitting a separate hour meter?

Asked by: David Fearns  | 10.07pm, Friday 2 November

WW says:

It might be possible to discover why the meter is unreliable. The fact that it works intermittently means there is still hope.
Some hour meters count up whenever they are powered up, and some have a wire to the device being monitored and separate power connections.
Look to see how many connections are on the meter; there will be a connection for the illumination, a 12V power connection (2 wires for positive and negative) and possibly another which connects usually to the alternator output to tell the meter that the engine is running.
It sounds as though you may simply have a bad connection somewhere that is causing the problem. Trace and indentify all the wires to the meter and check that they have good quality connections. Check to see with a meter that power is where it is expected, but if all seems OK the meter itself may be faulty and needs to be replaced.

Rupert Smedley  | 4.12PM, Sunday 4 November

It might be that damp has got into the LCD connections and drying it out over a few days might help. LCD connections are made using conductive rubber, cleanliness and correct alignment is crucial.
Once you have it working again try sealing the meter well to prevent the ingress of moisture.

Rupert Smedley  | 4.49PM, Tuesday 6 November

Readers say:

Many thanks, I have checked the connections and all seems well. As you suggest the hours are still being counted. I have removed the rev counter to have a closer look. I now suspect that the problem is the connections to the LCD display itself, but this is all firmly stuck together and I can't see a way to dismantle/clean it! Have any other readers come across this issue?

David Fearns  | 10.25AM, Tuesday 6 November

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