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Vetus Electric Toilet

Any tips on how I winterise this. Antifreeze in the s-bend ( like the shower). Do I disconnect water hose?
Any advice appreciated.

Asked by: peter osullivan  | 8.15pm, Tuesday 6 November

WW says:

Putting antifreeze in the S bend of the toilet or the shower trap is not a good idea as the toxic antifreeze will end up in the sewage system or the canal respectively when flushed out at the end of winter. A better idea would be to use a rubber sink plunger to evict the majority of the water from the respective trap and S bend, a small amount of water will not cause damage if frozen.
It would be a good idea to disconnect the water feed to the toilet valve and operate the valve to drain any water from the mechanism.

Rupert Smedley  | 10.14PM, Tuesday 6 November

If you must use antifreeze, then please ensure that it is a non-toxic one, like Freezeban- which is designed for domestic water systems-otherwise as Rupert points out, you can pollute large amounts of canal or knock- out a small sewage works if you discharge a toilet tank into the public sewer. Either action could lead to prosecution.

Mark Langley  | 10.58PM, Tuesday 6 November

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