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I have 4 leisure batteries and 1 starter battery all wet cell. They are all 4 yearys old and in good condition, will recharge within 5 hours when cruising.
I have a 4 stage victron 60 amp charger which is connected to 230volt mains when in the marina. I do not use my boat from November to April so should,I leave my batteries on charge throughtout this period or should I take them of charge now and then,I always visit the boat about three times during this period of none use and could alternate the charging periods.

Asked by: David Anderson  | 8.26pm, Tuesday 6 November

WW says:

The Victron charger will trickle charge the batteries and keep them in good condition if you leave it switched on whilst the boat is unused. A multi stage charger monitors the state of charge, and adjusts the current as required, with no danger of damaging the batteries. Just leave it switched on to do the job.

Rupert Smedley  | 9.50PM, Tuesday 6 November

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