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Stove Fan

I have tried to build the stove fan as per your article, but after waiting 3 mnths for a TEC1 12709 from China The unit saturates at a high temp. The TEC only ever achieves an output of approx. 1volt is this correct. I have tried several different motors but there seems to be insufficient airflow to maintain a temperature difference across the TEC.The device is thermally glued to a heat sink.

Asked by: Dave  | 9.48am, Wednesday 7 November

WW says:

The output is indeed much lower than it should be and there is obviously a fault somewhere. The module can be tested by connecting to a 12V supply or battery; if it gets cool on one side and hot on the other whilst drawing about 8 Amps, the peltier device is OK. The devices are however quite fragile and can be easily damaged, but the most probable reason for failure is poor thermal contact with the hot and cold surfaces. To generate a usable voltage there must be a temperature differential across the device, if there is another thermal path between the hot and cold sides there will be insufficient voltage generated to drive a motor.

Rupert Smedley  | 5.41PM, Wednesday 7 November

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