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Toilet advice please

Hi, sorry about the summery I have just noticed that! Moveng swiflty.
We are looking to buy our first live aboard boat and amungst other things I'm not sire which would be the best type of toilet to go for, i.e. Casste, porta potty or pump out? In addithion I would add that we do have another problem to considder as my partner suffers from IBS and as such will be using the toilet more often than most.
Thankyou for any advice.

Asked by: Carole  | 9.36pm, Saturday 10 November

WW says:

If you search through previous answers you will find quite a lot of discussion on this topic. Pump out toilets are great and more domestic- like and can have large holding capacity. Principle disadvantages are cost to dispose (£15+ a time) and they are more likely to block. Depending in where you moor, pump- out facilities are not always available in winter and if you only
Have one local facility and it breaks down...
Cassettes and flushing portable loos have small capacity and can look more caravan like, but are free to empty and very easy to clean/maintain. They can be quite heavy (22kg+) and often need a trolley to move them safely (though some cassettes have built in wheels).
It is very much a personal preference though, if it is any use, I have Crohn's disease and ago can appreciate the need for more frequent loo visits. I have always found the Porta-potti or cassette types to be more useful- as long as you have one or two spare cassettes/bottom tanks.
Also whichever system you use, try and choose a good toilet treatment- avoid formalydhyde formulations as it will limit your use of more biologically friendly versions in the future.
If you want any more specific advice about a particular toilet system, let us know.

Mark Langley  | 10.16AM, Sunday 11 November

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