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Solar panels

I have a 57ft narrowboat which has four leisure(135) and one starter battery. I would like to fit solar panels to save running the engines. Any suggestions to number and size of panel would be appreciated.

Asked by: Peri Purnell  | 8.59am, Friday 3 October

Readers say:

I have got an 80 watt solar panel and I find that it will keep up with the fridge, i.e. I can turn the fridge on three days before we go cruising and the batteries are still fully charged before we start the engine. I don't think it is practical to rely on solar panels to provide all of your electrical requiremnts but the trickle charge you get from them should keep the batteries charged when the boat is not in use and that should make them last longer. Make sure that you have a regulator in place so that you can't overcharge the batteries. Good luck. Dave.

Dave Cleaver  | 9.29AM, Sunday 5 October

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