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removing transfers

I bought a boat last summer that was a quality build by Amber boats. I would like to remove some on the letter transfers on the side indicating where the boat was previously moored. The boat was built 2008 and has very good paint work in original black. Please can you advise the best way of removing the letters without damaging the paintwork and appearance of the boat?
Phil Hill, Litchfield

Asked by: Phil Hill  | 8.33pm, Monday 26 November

WW says:

I think the letters are vinyl, and as long as the letters were not applied when the paint was still soft, they should be quite easily removed with care.
The trick is to warm the vinyl using a hot air gun or hot water; this will soften the glue, enabling the letter to be carefully peeled off. Use your fingernails or a sharp knife to pick at the edge to start it peeling off, warming a small part at a time will help as the metal will conduct the heat away quite quickly, especially at this time of year. Peel each sticker off slowly, pulling it back along the surface rather than straight out. Care is obviously required to avoid damaging the paintwork, but good paintwork that was properly hard before they were applied, should not be harmed.
The area can be cleaned with tar and glue remover from a car accessory shop to remove any residue, methelated spirit is also good for cleaning paintwork. Any marks left from the surrounding paintwork fading in the sun can be addressed with T-cut, polish, and elbow grease.

Rupert Smedley  | 10.17AM, Tuesday 27 November

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