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Water supply

Last year I got fed up with all the plusing and noise when the water pump was running, so I fitted a accumulater on the output from the pump which has made a big difference. Would you recomend that I also fit one on the hot water output from the calorifier, however this would be located in the engine bay. Also what is the best way to set the pressure in the accumulaters.

Asked by: David Anderson  | 1.07pm, Sunday 16 December

WW says:

If the accumulator is fitted immediately downstream from the pump - before the hot and cold supplies divide - you should only need one as this will pressurise the whole system.
The pressure in the accumulator depends on the pump cut-in pressure. Accumulators often have a factory setting of 20psi but, if yours does not, try pumping it to this pressure with a bicycle or foot pump. Then open a tap and see how long in takes before the pump cuts in - it should be about ten seconds. Next, close the tap and see how long the pump runs for before cutting out. It should also be about ten seconds and possibly 'tail off' towards the end. If it does not do this, you can 'tune' it by either increasing or decreasing the pressure until it does.

Graham Booth  | 4.57PM, Sunday 16 December

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