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What is bthe current state of debate surrounding pump out Vs cassette? I have an old pumo out and I am considering converting to cassette. Any thoughts would be warmly welcome. Mike.

Asked by: mike bellion  | 11.49am, Sunday 6 January

WW says:

Choosing the right loo is a very personal thing and only you can decide which is best for you. Having said that, the design of cassette toilets has improved so much - and the price of having the loo pumped out has gone up so much - that I would give very serious consideration to a cassette if I ever had another boat.

Graham Booth  | 10.34PM, Sunday 6 January

I agree with Graham: also the fact that you can now have ceramic bowls on cassette toilets rather than just plastic, would swing me towards cassettes now. Having had pump out and portable toilets in various boats, I have to settle on the side of cassettes- but as Grahm does point out, it is a very personal point. The near crippling cost of a pump out if you are cruising a lot would also swing it for me as well!

Mark Langley  | 9.40AM, Monday 14 January

Readers say:

From a personal point of view I am very much in favour of a pump out toilet. I cannot stand going back to carrying heavy cassettes, although I am in a position of being swayed by the luxury of FREE pump out stations on our waterway. The rivers Ouse, Gt Ouse, Old West river and river Nene have Environment Agency Pump out stations which are free to use.

peter willard  | 12.28PM, Monday 14 January

I seem to remember seeing a combined holding tank / cassette unit which meant that in normal use the waste just went to the cassette, but if necessary this could be emptied to the holding tank for disposal later. I've just searched the net without success, so maybe I'm making this up, but if available it would seem to provide the best of both worlds!

Colin Wilks  | 10.29AM, Wednesday 16 January

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