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narrow boat exchange

I want exchange or part exchange, my 52 ft narrow booat for a smaller one. Are there any brokers who'd do this? Or any suggestions how to go about it please

Asked by: sue jones  | 5.58pm, Saturday 4 October

WW says:

A private sale is worth considering - you might find someone who's outgrown their first boat. The WW classifieds are of course the time-honoured way to do this, though we would say that!

Brokers may be willing to consider an offer, but remember that they're not selling boats that they own, but rather, boats owned by private owners - and if the owner wants cash, they're unlikely to be tempted by another boat. Call a few brokers and ask, but we'd expect you to have more luck with a private arrangement.

Richard Fairhurst  | 10.59AM, Thursday 9 October

Readers say:

Hi Sue, we have a 23 ft GRP narrowboat, (very cheap to keep and maintain). We are based on the Kennet and Avon and are looking to upsize. Is 23 ft too small?

Cheryl Lucas  | 4.51PM, Thursday 4 October

Hi, sorry but that was a very old post. Sold the boat 2 years ago now. But good luck with your upsizing , hope you find something.

sue jones  | 11.01PM, Friday 5 October

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