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Passenger numbers

I own a 50 foot cruiser stern narrowboat and several friends want to visit! It's a four berth (fixed double and convertible settee in the lounge) - what would be a safe number of people to take on short trips to show them the boat?

Asked by: Paul Taylor  | 3.36pm, Monday 14 January

WW says:

If your boat was built under the Recreational Craft Directive and is CE marked, the maximum number of passengers will be stated in the boat manual.
The maximum number of passengers allowed by law on a moving boat that is not registered as a trip boat is 12. Strangely there does not seem to be a legal maximum number for a moored boat. The stability of the individual boat and the waters on which it will be travelling must be considered, as for some boats a smaller number than 12 could make the boat tip dangerously if they all move to one side at the same time, or all sit on one side of the roof.
In the absence of any guidance for the specific boat, it would be best to conduct tests to be absolutely sure, but you are almost certain to be safe with 8 people, which is probably the maximum number that can be comfortably accommodated for a day trip.

Rupert Smedley  | 4.03PM, Monday 14 January

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