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Replacement gearbox?

We Have a Hurth HBW50 gearbox on our 30foot narrowboat the engine is a lister petter LPWS2. The gearbox has failed 3 times in the last 10 years. We are rluctant to repair/replace with another Hurth gearbox is it possible to fit a PRM box instead?

Asked by: graham Wright  | 3.19pm, Friday 18 January

WW says:

It should be possible to fit a PRM box: you will need to check the output shaft, and installation space, but usually it is a fairly easy option.
The smaller PRM boxes (80 and 120 models) are mechanical boxes, like the Hurth ones, while the PRM 150 and above are oil-operated gearboxes (hydraulic) - which tend to be more tolerant of the frequent gear changes made- though the mechanical boxes are also very good. However, for your engine, the 80 or 120 would be suitable- the 150 may take too much power.
A PRM dealer will be able to give you specific advice, but the current version of the engine is available with a PRM option.
Also, consider checking the alignment of the engine/gearbox; it is possible that misalignment and/or excessive vibration may lead to premature gearbox failure. It is unusual to have any gearbox fail so many times, so there may be other underlying causes, which, when you do replace the gearbox. Ensuring a flexible coupling between the gearbox output and the prop shaft, as well as having the engine aligned properly, can greatly increase the lifespan of the gearbox.

Mark Langley  | 4.26PM, Friday 18 January

Readers say:

yes patrick moran

Patrick Moran  | 7.29PM, Sunday 20 January

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