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water tank

my water tank keeps banging when emptying about three quarters and when filling about a third can you help

Asked by: Peter  | 1.25pm, Sunday 27 January

WW says:

If the tank is made of metal, it may be that one of the sides has a slight bulge in it. When the tank is empty, the bulge points inwards but, when it is full, the bulge 'boings' to point outwards. Our domestic oil tank at home does a similar thing when it is being filled.

Graham Booth  | 2.05PM, Sunday 27 January

There is also a chance that the vent to the tank might not be letting enough air in/out; so its worth checking to see if is is blocked.
I agree with Graham- if the tank is metal- particularly is a separate stainless or galvanised steel tank, then it will change shape somewhat as it fills/empties, ,leading to the "boinging" noice.
Separate tanks are more likely to make noise, as they are not as well-supported as integral tanks- though even they can make noises sometimes!
As long as the tank is still watertight, its not something to worry about. For some boats, the noise can also mean that the tank is almost full (or empty)- some owners quite like that as a subtle reminder!

Mark Langley  | 2.19PM, Sunday 27 January

Readers say:

thank you it has stopped my worries and thank you for getting back to me so quickly peter

Peter  | 6.09PM, Sunday 27 January

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