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I own a narrowboat i bought 2nd hand which was made by Liverpool boats. I need to touch up some of the paintwork but have no idea what colours i would need to match the present colours and as Liverpool boats no longer exist can't contact them (no info in pack that came with the boat). Any ideas?

Asked by: Paul Jones  | 7.01pm, Sunday 24 February

WW says:

Liverpool Boats now effectively trade as Collingwood Boats, and they may be able to her you. Look at www.collingwoodboatbuiders.co.uk and follow up with the contact details there.
However, if you cannot find out the information, then you should be able to use any conventional paint, provided you use an appropriate primer. Be aware that, as paint ages on a boat, that any new paint will be a different match. You might find that taking a complete repaint is a good option. Otherwise you might have to accept some shade imbalance, as even if you have the correct RAL colour comes for the paint, that which is on the boat will have weathered somewhat.

Mark Langley  | 7.48PM, Sunday 24 February

Readers say:

If you can get a sample of the paint by scraping off a flake - then either a Dulux or Johnsons/Leyland paint centre should be able to mix an identical paint. As Mark states, even if you can find out what the boat was originally painted in, it will have weathered, so you need to match the current paint shade. Personally, I'd go for a complete or partial repaint.

Cliff Eden  | 7.26PM, Wednesday 27 February

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